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Automator Fights Automator!

Every 60 days I get an email that tells me my free custom DNS entry ( is expiring. (Yes, I chose a very clever prefix..) Here’s the email:


Getting an email every 60 days and clicking a link doesn’t kill me, but it’d be super nice to not have to.

So I’m using another free service to preemptively renew this host. ChangeDetection will email you any time a page changes. (So you can assume it’s visiting a site regularly to check its content.)


But what to use for the email? I don’t really want it emailing me about changes to the site’s footer or whatever, so I’m going to use a throwaway account. But at the same time, I know there’s an email confirmation step on this site.

2Prong to the rescue! Visit 2prong and it copies a temporary email address to your clipboard automatically. Then the site will check (via ajax) for new email to that address and automatically display it when it comes in.


Then I just click that confirmation link and I’m all set! WOO!