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Best of BusinessWeek's Design Award Winners, 2008

There were over 200 winners of BusinessWeek’s Design Awards. Here are the best.

The Muwi innovation lawn mower takes grass cuttings and turns them into something fun. The blocks can become balls for children to play with or be combined to make a chair or anything else you can think of.

Adaptable to different spaces, terrains and architectural styles, the Interactive Lounge was designed to provide relaxation and interactivity with the surrounding environment.

The face of the clock is made of laminated whiteboard. Messages are erased by means of the integrated eraser.

With FlyingStick, you don’t need any countdowns or goofy sayings. FlyingStick takes the picture by itself when it is in the air. Since no one knows when the shutter is released, you will get a more natural picture.

Due to its asymmetric design, the SENZ XL storm umbrella automatically finds the best position in the wind, making it comfortable and easy to use, even in strong gusts.

The 4-in-1 Pharmacy Tool is a portable handheld device designed to assist busy pharmacists with the repetitive tasks of opening medicine bottles and counting pills to fill patient prescriptions.

Form 6 is the only rechargeable vibrating massager that is also water-resistant, making it suitable for use in the shower.

This design has solved all of those problems with a squishable, leakproof, easy to fill and easy to clean way to store and dispense liquids and gels during travel.

Users can move the reflector up or down, changing the light from direct to indirect.

Designed to be mounted to the underside of any work surface, this sombrero-shaped spool reins in unruly or excess cable by winding it around its core and firmly anchoring the exiting cable into any of the three V-shaped notches.

The packaging becomes the shade for the energy-saving light bulb and electric cord contained within

The light source is positioned at the totem’s base and transmitted to the top by means of fiber optic cables. Ziplux allows angle control so that nearly 100% of the light beams can be focused at desired locations and glare is reduced. A single light source can illuminate different spots, thus enabling lighting in dark street areas and helping to revitalize public spaces.