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The Top 55 Best Front-end Development RSS Feeds

2011.11.21: Updated again! Head on over to Web browser, frontend and standards feeds to follow
2011.03.03: I posted a new list here:

I’ve put together all the feeds and blogs that I follow that cover front-end development. Here is the OPML file: front-end-development-feeds.xml.opml

feeds.pngAll the classics like Ajaxian and A List Apart are in here.. but also more technical ninja developers like John Resig, Hedgerwow and Peter Michaux.

If you currently use a RSS aggregator (like Bloglines, Google Reader, or Netvibes) you can import this file right in. iGoogle won’t take an OPML file but you can do each RSS feed individiually.

You can also preview what’s in it here: