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Javascript CSS Selector Engine Timeline

I’m interested in understanding all the selector engine code. In order to watch the development from the most basic to the quickest, I wanted to gather all the data points. Take a look, as you can see, Jack Slocum was definitely right when he said “selector processing power has gone from Pinto power to a Mustang GT 500.

Interactive Timeline

Update: Added Base2, CssQuery1.0. Corrected jQuery launch date.
Update: Added Dojo 0.9, NWMatcher.

Leave a comment if I left anything out.

2012.04.25 (four years later): I’ve referenced this timeline in my StackOverflow answer to What is the source of the double-dollar sign selector query function in chrome / firefox?. :)
2013.02.12: When Alex Sexton helped port my blog to octopress, he added in an interactive timeline.