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Announcing the Type Rendering Project

A short while ago, I pulled together some bright minds in the emerging web fonts scene: Tim Brown of Nice Web Type, Zoltan Hawryluk, and Ethan Dunham of Font Squirrel. I thought it would be wise to share notes and begin talking about cross-platform/browser type rendering (that lasagna of complexity), in order to clarify the entire process for ourselves and others and find ways to make web type look better.

Basically, I want @font-face text to look damn good.

Now we’ve set some goals and would like to open up the dialogue. We’ll need your participation, and lots of expert advice, to fulfill these intentions. Follow Type Rendering on Twitter.

Check out How to Detect Font-Smoothing Using JavaScript to learn about an algorithm Zoltan has developed for determining whether a visitor’s web browser uses font smoothing technology when rendering type.

If you want to see rich typography succeed, tell folks you care about how type looks on the web.

We’ll be exploring all the layers involved in making sure web fonts are implemented in the best possible way. We’ll need your help, too.