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Introducing yayQuery - a jQuery Podcast

A few friends of mine got together to put together a new podcast we’re calling…


2009.11.13. Now visit the podcast at:

In our inaugural episode I’m joined by Rebecca Murphey, Alex Sexton (of goto.js fame), and Adam Sontag (ajpiano). We talk about…

  • Underscore.js - a great utility belt (very handy for Ruby/Python folks), comes with John Resig’s microtemplating script and lots more
  • Thickbox - Rest in peace. Also alternatives: Colorbox, jQuery UI Dialog
  • jQuery on mobile. Phonegap, XUI, jQTouch, going it alone
  • Anti-Pattern of the week: css(key,val)
  • $var and Hungarian notation
  • … and dancing


We hope to do this again (and again) and make things better. We’re also working on proper podcast feeds and a site.

But really this is an experiment, for now. We’d love any and all feedback.

… and follow us on twitter to get your fix!! @yayquery