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Updates From All Around - Dec 2009

A lot of the work I’m doing doesn’t turn into new posts so here’s a summary of what’s been going on:


Since it was announced here, we’ve come a long way. We just put out our 7th episode (now in HD!). The show format has tightened up and we’re putting a lot of time into making it even better. Follow us on twitter or subscribe to catch all the goodness. We also put out an entire episode devoted to what’s coming in jQuery 1.4 (aka 1.MOAR), so peep it if you’re curious.

jQuery Singalong plugin

I was a finalist at Boston’s Music Hack Day with the jQuery Singalong plugin. It essentially allows you to add timed annotations to the HTML5 audio and video elements. (Also it was the first time I legitimately used javascript’s Infinity :) In addition, I put out the (very!) alpha jQuery Bouncing Ball plugin. Check out the demos to get a taste

Modernizr updates

Faruk and I pushed out Modernizr 1.1, which can now detect what audio/video formats your browser supports, all sorts of HTML5 forms goodness, and some other ones like localStorage and applicationCache. We’re delighted to be part of Mark Pilgrim’s Dive into HTML5 book and pumped to help push the edge of progressive enhancement.

@font-face and webfonts

It’s a rapidly changing landscape, so I’ve been keeping all my font-y posts up to date:

@font-face feature detection

I’ve updated the existing feature detection script to use a smaller file. (Thanks to the Font Squirrel for the help). You would use this script to detect if support is present or not; perhaps implement a Cufon fallback. These new improvements will make their way into Modernizr 1.2.

I’ve also added on a isFontFaceSupported browser sniffing alternative. The main benefit here is that you’re guaranteed accurate results synchronously. (The true feature detection can’t do that, though the new small size is much faster in Firefox.)

Other bits and bobs

The nice guys at that other jQuery Podcast had me on the show in November. I talked about, well.. basically all of the stuff above. :) It’s a good show.

I tweeted about a new quick approach to a for loop:

for (var i = -1, len = arr.length; ++i < len; ) // the cool guy loop

The fun part is that the counting expression (the third part) is empty. It’s faster than your standard loops, but reverse while() is still quicker. @jdalton beat me to this one, for the record.

Lastly, along with my writers, I’ve been keeping my mp3 blog Aurgasm fresh with new music you’ll love. I’ve got a lot more things in the pipeline, so right after my Christmas and New Years jaunt around Germany, Denmark, and Scotland, you’ll see them soon. Happy December ya’ll.