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Man, whenever I’m writing some css3, I get so tired of writing all the vendor-specific prefixes (like -moz-border-radius). Combo that with remembering who supports what and I wantedneeded a shortcut.

Today, I’m happy to release v1.0 of a cross-browser css3 rule generator, produced by Jonathan Neal and myself. In addition to syncing and normalizing changes across the necessary properties, it also sneaks in IE support for a few features via IE filters. Right now it helps you write the rules for: border-radius, box-shadow, linear-gradients, rotation and @font-face. A few more transforms like skew and scale are on their way, stay tuned.

Shouts to all the good people doing research and making tools in the css3 arena: John Allsopp, Chris Coyier, Stoyan Stefanov, Damian Galarza, Ryan Seddon,

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2010.04.06 - Today I pushed a big update. Mousewheel support is much better and the clipboard interaction sucks a lot less. We now have 360° IE rotation support thanks to Zoltan as well as css transitions support. I also fixed a number of small bugs that were reported. Based on the popularity of this tool, I’ll definitely keep working on it; making it better for ya’ll. If you would like to contribute, please contact me. Chytac pa-belarusku (belorussian translation)