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Web Browser, Frontend and Standards Feeds to Follow

While a lot of conversation has moved to twitter and G+, hugely useful information is still published regularly to blogs. I’ve shared collections of frontend development feeds twice before. Now I’m back, but with three choices:

Download this: frontend-feeds.opml

2013.07.26: Poor Reader. :’( Here are the three below bundles grouped up into an OPML file. Your new news reader can import them in one go.
Also, do not forget the most important site that has no feed: It’s the best thing. (2013.09.12: It has a feed now! Added)
Frontend development exploration, techniques, tips. Lots of JavaScript.
275 feeds.
Standards development and browser dev news.
56 feeds.
Blogs focusing on building large webapps (new!)
22 feeds.

Also, a short commentary on blogging vs tweeting.. while a lot of people have changed to twitter+jsfiddle only, tweets are not available via search after 30 days, so if you expect anything you share to last, blog it for real. :)

2011.12.02: Adding newsletters! 2012.08.09: Refreshed all the bundles. Added the frontend-webapps feed.

Also please subscribe to these guys which do a great job of highlighting the top stories of the week:

2013.07: Added opml.