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10 Things I Learned From the jQuery Source

Last weekend was the incredible TXJS conference. It was a grand time in hot hot Texas. Joe Bartlett has a great conference roundup, rebecca’s pix are quite pretty, and most of the speaker slides are on the official site.

I’ve rerecorded my talk in screencast form. Here’s what to expect from the 52 minute video:

It’s jQuery on the big screen. We’ll open the jQuery source and run through how the jQuery object works, covering self-executing anonymous functions as a global abatement technique, several interesting jQuery methods, internal jQuery paradigms, and hiddenhancements. You’ll learn JavaScript techniques you can apply to your own code, as well as the basic workings of jQuery itself.

Enjoy. Please comment if you have a question or if I messed something up. :)

youtube hosted version here

2010.07.21: jQuery Deconstructed is a rather nice way to look through the source. Also, the jQuery Source Viewer.

Also, (you should already know this, but…) if you like this screencast you should subscribe to the yayQuery Podcast. It’s techy but entertaining and there will be smiles.