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High-res Browser Logos

You may want these for a presentation, a, blog post or for the site featuring your brand new awesome lightbox script (please no!). They are 32bit PNGs, each have their own official shadow treatment, and no background matte color.

Head to:

Includes much more than the standard five browsers.

2011.04.13: new chrome, chromium and IE9 logos! (i’ll better integrate these later on maybe)
2011.05.19: Peter Lubbers of Kaazing has put all the updated logos together and has all sizes, both individual and group imagery. Also run through OPTIpng! Awesome. ← 2012.02.03: Updated this post. 2012.11.06: Reorged all the files. Updated this post. Freshness. More high resolution goodness.
2012.11.07: OMG! it’s on GitHub: paulirish/browser-logos.
2013.07: The GitHub project has gotten lots of attention and maintenance. It’s awesome. Thanks Cătălin Mariș!
2014.03.01: The GitHub project was moved to alrra/browser-logos!