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Bug Tracker Short Urls

I’ve found myself filing and watching tickets on browser bug trackers a lot more lately.

Turns out, they have some handy shorturls which make for easy linking to tickets. for webkit (or ) for firefox/mozilla for google chrome for chrome on android tickets for google’s chrome os for chromium changesets for WebKit changesets for Blink changesets for V8 bugs for jQuery bug tracker
2010.07.22: Mihai of the google reader team added a nice new one for chromium changesets Mozilla also uses pro for all of their MDC docs and such, So if you go through you get a nice link.
2011.01.20: added jqbug. thx mathias.
2011.10.13: added
2012.02.22: Added and mcrbug. thx mathias. again. :)
2012.02.22: Thanks Alex. Rly.
2012.08.17: I wanted a webkit changeset one, and guessed if someone set up They had! Thanks you!
2013.09.18: !